Meet the Team

Get to know the KidsPoint team

Jaye pic 2.jpgJaye Kennedy 
Chief Executive Officer
(319) 731-6130






Terri Godwin prof. picture.jpgTerri Godwin
Managing Director of Child Care Services
(319) 365-1458, ext. 6243






Nicole Moeller.jpg

Nicole Moeller
Family Support Specialist
(319) 731-6179



KidsPoint Downtown

chris hamor prof. photo.jpgChris Hamor
KidsPoint Downtown Center Director
(319) 731-6121





tracy b. prof. photo.jpgTracy Ball
KidsPoint Downtown Education Coordinator
(319) 731-6120






KidsPoint C Street

Ashley Meyer prof. photo.jpgAshley Meyer
KidsPoint C Street Director
(319) 294-1722, ext. 201






mary kay prof. photo.jpgMary Kay Mangrich
Curriculum Specialist
(319) 294-1722, ext. 202 








School Age Program

kendra b..jpgKendra Basten
School Age Kids Multi-Site Director
(319) 731-6133






Kim Franks Prof. Photo.jpgKim Franks
School Age Kids Education Coordinator
(319) 731-6170






Zach Gibson.jpgZach Gibson
School Age Kids Education Coordinator
(319) 731-6157






Food Service

Carmen Ivey.jpgCarmen Ivey
Food Service Director
(319) 731-6138