Family Support Program

Providing specialized support to meet your needs

The Family Support Program at KidsPoint is available to help families in need of resources beyond the scope of the classroom environment by:

  • Helping families receive and maintain child care financial assistance
  • Connecting families to other supportive programs to address other financial, behavioral, or family concerns.

Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program

The Department of Human Services (DHS) provides funding for child care to families with qualified income. Families apply directly to DHS for this funding. This funding reimburses KidsPoint for child care costs equal to the number of days the child attended the program, plus up to four absence days.

KidsPoint accepts only full-time children. Recipients must contact the Learning Center and Preschool or School Age Site Director before care is provided so all necessary documentation can be completed. The Family Support Specialist is available to assist each family with the necessary paperwork and understanding the process.

Sliding Scale-Fee

KidsPoint offers a Sliding-Scale Fee Program which demonstrates our commitment to the mission of Waypoint. Eligibility is based on similar requirements as Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance.

However, the Sliding Scale-Fee funding can only begin once a family exceeds income guidelines set by DHS Child Care Assistance and is denied coverage related to the income guidelines. 


The Family Support Specialist can assist your family with financial, behavioral or family concerns – and can connect you with community resources to help. The primary role is to assist families who are awarded child care assistance from the Department of Human Services or funding through the Sliding Scale-Fee Program. 

Nicole Moeller.jpgNicole Moeller, Family Support Specialist

(319) 731-6179