Nutritional, delicious, meals and snacks!

KidsPoint serves nourishing meals and snacks within its Learning Center & Preschools and School Age Kids programs. Following the Iowa Department of Human Services nutrition guidelines, KidsPoint offers a variety of delicious menu items such as: 

  • Whole wheat pizza quesadillas with green beans, mandarin oranges, and milk
  • Chili and crackers with a southwest blend, corn muffin, fresh melon, and milk
  • Teriyaki chicken over rice with peas/carrots, cinnamon apples, and milk
  • Popcorn chicken with waffle fries, whole wheat bread, oranges, and milk

School Age Kids snacks

School Age Kids provides healthy snacks during programming, including the following items:

  • Wheat bagel, cream cheese, and a boiled egg
  • Pretzel twist with co-jack cheese
  • Cinnamon roll, orange, and caramel rice cakes
  • Applesauce cup and carrot sticks